The ViF is an international association of professional journalists who disseminate knowledge and information through all kind of media as a career.

We dot the i's and cross the t's!

Welcome to the International Association of Professional Journalists.

The speciality journalists are profoundly different: competent in those areas where others fail; mostly working behind the scenes in the shadows, expertly, precisely, reliable, and international.  As already said: «We dot the i's and cross the t's!»

Our objective is to respond to the specific concerns of expert journalists; to expertly disseminate and assimilate information for journalists and to handle the information to assist fellow journalists in their profession. Therefore, we founded our own journalist association in 1981.

Join our lean association; without red tape, we aren’t bureaucrats or paper pushers, we are dedicated and service-oriented colleagues. With us, the word colleague has a special sound, a special meaning, a special emphasis.

Since we on the board work on a honorary basis, there are also fewer costs. Our membership fees are so low because we operate and do not hoard the money. But to create a collegial cooperation.