Zuzana Havlin is a specialist for real estate financing at the UBS Switzerland AG in Zürich. She also works as a landlord’s representative for the Conciliation Body for rent and lease at the District Court in Brugg, and as a translator at the Cantonal Police Aargau.


The real estate expert writes specialist articles for various magazines and newspapers, in particular for the member magazine of HEV Aargau Wohnwirtschaft and for local newspapers of the canton of Aargau.


The cosmopolitan woman was born in 1966 in Prague and grew up there. After studying law at the University of St. Gallen, she worked for several years in the field of public law at St. Gallen and Zurich authorities. She then moved to development cooperation and human rights work at a non-profit organisation and later at the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

Zuzana Havlin has been committed to homeowners since 2010.