About us:

Professional competence since 1981.

The ViF is an international association of professional journalists who disseminate knowledge and information through all kind of media as a career.


ViF Members are entered in the professional journalist register and carry the 

ViF International Press Identification Card. This Press Card is globally recognized and no additional documentation or identification is required.


The ViF Press Card is valid for one calendar year and is renewed annually.

What does the Membership cost?

Prior to the listing in the Association Register there is an administrative fee of CHF 100.–. This fee covers the external administration costs, press identification card, registration etc. The annual membership fee is determined by the General Assembly and stands presently (August 2018) at CHF 95.–). Retired membership fee (not active as journalists) is CHF 50.–.

How to become a ViF member?

It is fast and simple to obtain the membership in the ViF, once the membership requirements are satisfied. The forms are available on our website. The ViF Board makes a decision about the membership; it is a fast and efficient process. Applicants will be notified electronically of the positive or negative decision of the ViF Board. The decision will be accompanied by the reasons for acceptance or rejection. The ViF accepts members who have professional and specific knowledge and are able to express themselves competently, in an accurate, comprehensive, timely and understandable manner, in any media, electronic included.

The ViF Register of Professional Journalists

The ViF maintains an internationally accredited Register of Professional Journalists which lists all its members who have met the statutory membership conditions to be listed as journalists.


The international accredited Register of Professional Journalists is identical with the list of ViF members. The international accredited Register of Professional Journalists is in accordance with the Statutes in the public domain and can be accessed by the public through a password registration and identification.


The right of possession of and the right to carry the ViF International Press Identification Card is audited on a regular basis. Once the application has been accepted, the new member will be listed on the ViF website.

Additional Information about the ViF

The Members of the Board (Vorstand ) can be contacted by email. The secretary of ViF, Marianne Kürsteiner, is available for all your questions.


The statutes (ViF-Statuten) and all the forms of the ViF are prominently displayed on the ViF website and can be downloaded as PDF.